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High Meadow Miniatures now has a 2018 Foal Announcement List! 

To be added to our list, please email [email protected] or call us at 970-487-3435.

Announcements are sent via email, but can also be via phone or Facebook message if requested.

Thank you for your interest!

~Please click each foal's photo to go to their personal page for additional photos, information and complete pedigrees~

HMM BTU Dunbelievable

4/12/2017 AMHA/AMHR 19.5" Dunskin Pinto Colt

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Center Of Attention

*Lab tested heterozygous for Dun at UC Davis!*

"Dynamite" is everything we had hoped for when we crossed our BTU son with our homebred smokey cream dun pinto mare. This is a stunning little colt with so much personality and a goldmine of color genetics! He is a buckskin dun (dunskin) pinto, carrying cream, dun and pinto genes! Talk about a goldmine of color. Dynamite has a baby doll head, strong hip, lots of leg and is very balanced. He would make a great addition to anyone's show string! Dynamite is a direct grandson of BTU (AMHA World Grand Champion & AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire), he also carries the bloodlines of Boones Little Buckeroo, BeBops Leader Of The Pack, and Little Kings LKB Buckeroo Dream. He should mature small, we are estimating between 30"-31". He is a sweetheart and loves people. Excellent prospect for therapy work due to his gentle, calm temperament. Dynamite is already trained to lead, tie, and is very good with his feet as well.

For Sale: $1200

HMM Buck O Top Dun

4/15/2017 AMHA/AMHR 20" Dunskin Colt

Little Kings Buck O X HMM BTU Hollywood Grand

"Maverick" is 3rd generation High Meadow Miniatures breeding! Check out the dun factor on this guy; thick dorsal stripe, shoulder bars, and looks to possibly also have leg barring under that baby fuzz! Maverick is a dunskin (buckskin dun), so he carries both the cream and dun genes. He has such a pretty face with tippy little ears, lots of leg, a great neck and the sweetest personality you could ask for! He is a son of our own Little Kings Buck O, from Little King Farm. Maverick is a direct grandson of none other than the most influential sire in miniature history - Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion). Maverick also has BTU breeding on the top side! His full brother from 2016, HMM Buck O White Gold, now resides in California. 


HMM BTU Adrenaline Rush

4/26/2017 AMHA/AMHR 21" Buckskin Colt

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Buck O Blessing

"Latigo" is the third foal in a row for this cross, his two older siblings now resides in Alaska and California. Check out the neck on this guy! He is so refined and leggy, definitely going to be nice one! He is only a week old in this photo, think of what he'll look like when he has finished filling out! Latigo is a dark buckskin right now, I am thinking he will shed out to be golden buckskin however when he loses the baby fuzz. His pedigree boasts two of the best in the miniature horse industry: His grandsire, BTU (AMHA World Grand Champion & AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire), and his g-grandsire, Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion). Latigo has so much personality, and is such a fun colt to be around. 


HMM BuckO Etched In Gold

5/10/2017 AMHA/AMHR 20" Palomino Colt

Little Kings Buck O X Freedom Hill Farms Classic Flame

"Java" is a gorgeous little golden palomino with chrome, we LOVE this colt! Full sibling to HMM BuckO Kings Ransom (Wisconsin) and HMM Buck O Cloud Nine (Ohio). This cross has been one of our best, and Java is no exception. He is very refined with a dishy Arab head, great neck and an excellent topline/hip. This colt's pedigree is our favorite bloodline combination: Rowdy X Boones Little Buckeroo. A cross that has consistently produced many of the top show horses in the industry. Java's dam is an AMHA World Top Five and 2x AMHA World Top Ten halter champion! Java is a grandson of both Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion) and LaVista Flamboyant Remark (one of Freedom Hill Farm's top herd sires). He should mature 31-31.5", very friendly and certainly knows he is special! 


HMM Buck O Belle

5/24/2017 AMHA/AMHR 21.25" Golden Palomino Filly

Little Kings Buck O X Rolin Acres Lucy Buck

"Belle" is the SIXTH foal in a row for this cross! We keep repeating it because we absolutely love what it produces. Feminine, refined fillies with beautiful heads and lots of leg. They never stay available for long! This filly is stunning, only a few days old here so we are planning to do a new photoshoot of her soon! Direct granddaughter of 3x AMHA World Grand Champion; Boones Little Buckeroo! She also has heavy East Acres Golden Jubilee and Gold Melody Boy breeding. Belle's full sisters now reside in Ohio, Arizona, Utah, Washington, and one here at High Meadow Miniatures. It's not often that you find golden palominos in the miniature horse world, it's one of my favorite colors!