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Last Updated 9/20/2017

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HMM BTU Dunbelievable 

4/12/2017 AMHA/AMHR 19.5" Dunskin Pinto Colt

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Center Of Attention

This gorgeous colt is the complete package of conformation, color, and bloodlines! Dynamite is a direct grandson of BTU (AMHA World Grand Champion & AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire), and also carries the bloodlines of Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion), BeBops Leader of the Pack (AMHR National Champion), and Little Kings LKB Buckeroo Dream. He is a dunskin (buckskin dun) pinto. Lab tested heterozygous for the dun gene at UC Davis! So he carries cream, dun and pinto genes - talk about a goldmine of color! We absolutely love this colt, he has a baby doll head with a great hip, and so much presence! Excellent show prospect or future herd sire. Dynamite will be weaned August 12th. He loves attention, and is extremely smart. Should mature 30.5-31". Please click his photo to go to his page! 


25% deposit will hold him until he is weaned.

HMM Buck O Top Dun

4/15/2017 AMHA/AMHR 20" Dunskin Colt

Little Kings Buck O X HMM BTU Hollywood Grand

Three generations of High Meadow Miniatures breeding, and we couldn't be more thrilled with this stunning colt! Maverick is a buckskin dun (dunskin) with a thick dorsal stripe, shoulder bars, and may develop tiger stripes as well once he loses the baby fuzz. This colt is going to be nice! He has the most perfect little ears, with big soft eyes, a pretty face and is very well balanced. Maverick's pedigree boasts two of the top stallions in the industry: On the top side, he is a grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion), and on the bottom side, he is a g-grandson to BTU (AMHA World Grand Champion & AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire). Maverick should mature 31-31.5" and carries both the cream and dun genes. 


HMM BTU Adrenaline Rush

4/26/2017 AMHA/AMHR 21" Buckskin Colt

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Buck O Blessing

This one is a looker! Full sibling to HMM BTU Dun In Diamonds and HMM BTU Dare To Compare, two of our top foals who now reside in Alaska and California. "Latigo" is very refined, leggy, and what a neck this boy has! Latigo is a direct grandson of BTU on the top side (AMHA World Grand Champion & AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire), and a g-grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion) on the bottom side! Two of the top stallions in the industry! He is a darker buckskin right now, but I am thinking he will turn more golden as most of my dark buckskin foals have done. He does carry one cream gene, and could also be homozygous for black and/or agouti. Latigo has so much presence, and loves people. 


HMM BuckO Etched In Gold

5/10/2017 AMHA/AMHR 20" Palomino Colt

Little Kings Buck O X Freedom Hill Farms Classic Flame

WOW! One of our most anticipated crosses for the year, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the result! Gorgeous, very refined palomino colt with chrome. "Java" looks like a miniature Arab with his dishy face and fancy trot, he has a great neck and lots of leg. He has a big, irregular blaze and since his dam is an overo, Java may also carry the gene! His pedigree boasts many World and National champions, beginning with his dam - an AMHA World Top Five and 2x AMHA World Top Ten halter champion. Java is a direct grandson of both Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion) and LaVista Flamboyant Remark (one of Freedom Hill Farm's top herd sires). His bloodlines are Rowdy X Boones Little Buckeroo - a tried and true combination that has produced hundreds of top show horses. Java knows he is special, he loves to show off and is very friendly. His two older full siblings now reside in Wisconsin and Ohio. 


HMM Buck O Belle

5/24/2017 AMHA/AMHR 21.25" Golden Palomino Filly

Little Kings Buck O X Rolin Acres Lucy Buck

Finally A Filly!! "Belle" is the SIXTH filly in a row for this cross! It's one of our best; consistently producing feminine, refined fillies with pretty heads, lots of leg and beautiful movement. We are thrilled with this stunning filly! She is a golden palomino, a shade you don't often see in miniatures as most of them tend to be lighter palominos. Belle is a direct granddaughter of none other than the most influential stallion in the industry: Boones Little Buckeroo! (3x AMHA World Grand Champion). Her bloodlines also include East Acres Golden Jubilee and Gold Melody Boy. Belle's older sisters now reside in Washington, Ohio, Arizona, Utah and one here at High Meadow Miniatures. Most have them have started, or will be beginning careers in the show ring. Belle is as smart as she is pretty, I just love this pretty girl!