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High Meadow Miniatures now has a 2019 Foal Announcement List! 

To be added to our list, please email highmeadowminiatures@hotmail.com or call us at 970-487-3435.

Announcements are sent via email, but can also be via phone or Facebook message if requested.

Thank you for your interest!

2019 Foals

-Please click each foal's photo to view their page for more photos, pedigree and information-

HMM BTU Cause For Applause

5/1/2019 AMHA/AMHR 19" Filly

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Center Of Attention

“Kindle” is a super pretty BTU granddaughter, she should stay on the small side according to the height estimation chart (approx. 29.5-30.5” at maturity). This little filly has the most inquisitive personality, we just love her! Kindle is somewhat of a mystery color, but we do know that she carries a cream gene and also appears to be carrying the dun gene! There is also a possibility that she could be homozygous dun, like her full brother from last year. She will be AMHA & AMHR registered, and is pictured here at just a few days old. 

HMM BuckO High Roller

5/7/2019 AMHA/AMHR 20" Perlino Colt
Little Kings Buck O X HMM BTU Hollywood Grand
"Avalanche" is a look-alike son of our herd sire, Little Kings Buck O, by Boones Little Buckeroo. This colt's pedigree is full of both World and National champions, including the renowned BTU. Avalanche is everyone's best friend, he has such a sweet disposition and loves attention. He should mature approx. 31" according to the height estimation chart. He will always produce cream dilutes such as palominos and buckskins, and there is a chance he also may be carrying the dun gene. This colt is the complete package! Avalanche will be AMHA & AMHR registered. He is pictured here at 3 days old. 

HMM BTU Bragging Rights

5/9/2019 AMHA/AMHR 19.75" Buckskin Colt
Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Buck O Blessing
"Cimmaron" is a gorgeous, tiny golden buckskin BTU grandson. His bloodlines include Boones Little Buckeroo, Gold Melody Boy and East Acres Golden Jubilee. He currently has blue eyes, but we aren't sure yet if they will stay blue or turn brown. This colt has a baby doll head, huge personality and is very balanced. The height estimation chart puts him at maturing approx. 30.5". Golden buckskins are one of our favorites! Cimmaron will be AMHA & AMHR registered. Don't miss this one!