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Last Updated 6/13/2019

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DRM Destinys Dazzlin Debutante 

2008 AMHA/AMHR 32.75" Buckskin Pinto Mare

Alvaders Double Destiny X Grosshills Peaches And Cream

"Dazzle" is a gorgeous, ultra refined little mare. She is an absolute sweetheart, and very gentle to do almost anything with. When we bought her in 2015, she was a maiden mare and we have unfortunately not been able to get her in foal since we have owned her. She does not appear to be fertile, sadly, so we are offering her as a pet. Dazzle is easy to catch, tie, trailer, deworm, and she stands like a statue to have her feet trimmed. She gets along well with the other horses, and loves to be groomed. She had a brief but successful show career in her younger days before we purchased her; earning titles as AMHA Grand Champion Sr. Halter Mare and AMHA Amateur Grand Champion Sr. Halter Mare. Her bloodlines are top of the line; her sire is the winningest horse in AMHA hirsory - Alvaders Double Destiny, who holds numerous AMHA World Championship titles, as well as the prestigious AMHA World Grand Champion Sr. Stallion and AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire. Dazzle's dam is an AMHR HOF mare. The one downside of Dazzle, is that at some point in her life prior to us purchasing her, her feet were either neglected or not done correctly which resulted in causing her to toe out a bit in the front. She has improved significantly with correct trimming since we purchased her, and it never bothers or affects her. We just wanted people to be aware and we do have photos of it. She is AMHA & AMHR registered. Dazzle would be the perfect horse for a lucky little girl.

Pet Price $1000

Wiltz Family Sundances Sparky

2014 AMHA/AMHR 30" Silver Bay Pinto Mare

Alamos Sirs Painted Sundance X Wiltz Family Show Me Little Foxy

Fiesta is always a favorite of everyone's, and she loves everyone. She is extremely flashy, with two blue eyes and thick eyeliner. We have owned Fiesta since late 2015, and she sadly has lost both of her foals to date. The first birth, we were not there for and he was gone when we found him. The second, we were there the entire time and it was a bad, breech dystocia. Our vet assumes that her first foal was also a breech birth, due to the similarities. Fiesta has been completely fine both times, thank goodness, but our vet recommends that she not be used as a broodmare after losing two foals in such similar situations. In addition to her pattern of having breech foals, our vet thinks that she lacks a necessary hormone that makes her have normal contractions. In her most recent birth, her labor essentially stopped halfway through the delivery. Even if her foal had not been breech, the foal would have been lost due to her contractions stopping. We feel that Fiesta would be much happier being a pet for some lucky family, so we are offering her at a pet price to a non-breeding home only. She is an absolute sweetheart, definitely a pocket pet. Easy to catch, tie, trim, deworm, trailer and she gets along well with all the other horses. She is AMHA & AMHR registered. If you're looking for a small, flashy, and very charismatic new best friend, Fiesta could be the one. 

Pet Price $1000

HMM Buck O Bramble

^Pictured at 3 weeks (left) and 4 months (right)^

5/30/2018 AMHA/AMHR 21.5" Buckskin Filly

Little Kings Buck O X Rolin Acres Lucy Buck

Take a look at this elegant filly! Lots of leg, delicate features and a baby doll face, we are so excited about her. "Bramble" is the 7th foal for this cross (can you tell we like what it produces?), her full sisters have all gone onto become successful show horses, driving horses, broodmares and therapy horses. Bramble is an absolute sweetheart, she takes everything in stride and is easy to get along with. Her pedigree is filled with many of the industry's best; Bramble's grandsire is Boones Little Buckeroo (3X AMHA World Grand Champion) and her g-grandsire is Little Kings Buck Echo (smallest stallion to ever win the AMHA World Grand Championship). Her bloodlines also include East Acres Golden Jubilee, and Gold Melody Boy! Her birth height was 21.5", the height estimation chart puts her at maturing approx 33". Her sire is 31.5" and her dam is 33.5".  Bramble's dam and full sister are two of our best producing mares. This is a super nice, hard-to-find golden buckskin filly.  

She is halter broke, easy to handle and loves attention.

Price $1750